Why China needs big data analysis system for destination campaign

As the 4th largest world tourism destination, China spends billions of dollars for her image promotion annually. The various leveled government, especially those which have the World Culture Heritages, are taking the inbound tour as an important segment of income. The image campaign or what we say propaganda is a rising market which may generate some great business models.

For many years, most propaganda were carried out by shooting videos. PR companies would take the photoshoots and contract them out to foreign TV stations other media channels. They all felt it a great “Face” if their customized videos are shown on the big screen of the Times Square of New York. However, if you ask these government officials, how this campaign is going to be related to how many visitors to your place, they would be confused. At the same time, when the local travel agents deal with inbound visitors, they may never get a chance to know how much of the newly-increased market gets related to the government campaign investment.

On the other hand, the irony of this is that when potential customers view and are impressed by the videos, there is no chance for them to get to know where they could book this product. They will eventually have to go to the western booking engines, such as the Tripadvisor, Viator or Expedia. Like an old saying in China, Thank you for making the best marry dress for your neighbor’s daughter. In another word, China is a kind of helping the western booking engine to make money.

 With the rise of the social media’s power and the execution of campaign business model in the western world, the Juicertrip, as a startup company sees the opportunity.

First of all, Juicertrip believes the data technology is now influencing the world, and so it is to the destination campaign. As the pain points specified above, the government never gets the chance to know the relation between the money it spends for destination campaign VS to the social media activity and the increased volume of the visitors. Juicertrip now is building a bloggers database and a tracking system which will help the government to find out how money spent on destination campaign fee is related to the social media exposure, reach likes and engagement. Based on their outcome (which is built on a certain big-data-analysis algorithm over millions of pieces of social media posts and activities) an influencer with 100k followers/fans of the cross social media may get his or her post reaction as follows: (see the chart below)

Secondly, Juicertrip platform can “predict” how the business value of each campaign will bring based on the given budget. For instance, if you type your budget, it will recommend you bloggers or if you type the other keywords, it may appear the different searching result according to your requests. We have also discovered how each blogger’s post related to the “dollars”, therefore, this platform may tell you how the potential business value the campaign may bring, and the trackable data will be highly improved every time if the different campaign continues. As a famous saying by Jack Ma (chairman of Alibaba Group) the data is different from the clothes, everyone may like new clothes, but for data, the more it is used, the more valuable it will be.

Thirdly, the management team of the Juicertrip has a strong background in Travel Managements Operations, a loop is also built for the transaction data. In other words, once campaign bloggers or influencers posts their campaigns, links to tour products wil be embedded along with their posts. Once campaign followers or fans click on the link, they will reach the booking page managed and operated by Juicertrip partners and Juicertrip will be able to calculate what the conversion rate is. For instance, if a tourism board spends 200k dollars for a destination campaign, after bloggers make their posts, the product link are clicked and eventually 500 people book this product, if everyone is paying U$ 1,000, we will eventually know this 200K money spend brings 500K income for the destination. Isn’t this cool?


Juicertrip now is affiliated with the Ctrip, the largest OTA in China, and they have successfully run the campaign for Beijing and the traditional Chinese medicine in 2016 and executed the same one again with the Beijing Tourism Board this year. Together with the Just be here, the world leading VR company for the Hangzhou Tourism Board in the coming October

As a startup company, Juicertrip is the only company in China to do this, and it not only focuses on the destination campaign business, but also the advertisement business, and at the same time, this business model can be globally copied as well.

We’d like to request you to fill out this on line Registration form,  we will keep this in our database and make it more friendly to our government partners for the campaign business. We will seriously take this and make sure it’s going to be a win-win business model between you and us.


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