Dongba Culture

Dongba culture is an ancient culture that belongs to the Naxi people who inhabit the Lijiang area in China’s southwestern provinces of Yunnan Province. It consists of the Dongba script, rituals, scriptures, music and dance, works of art and other related components.

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The Dongba script consists of more than 2,000 ideographs. It took its name from Dongba, the indigenous religion of the Naxi, and was mainly used by Dongba priests for religious purposes.

The Dongba religion, influenced by the indigenous religion of Bon of Tibet, featured the cult of gods and natural phenomena such as mountains, water, wind and fire. It had neither a systematic doctrine nor monasteries for the worship of its gods.

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Dongba scriptures are written in the Dongba script. Covering a wide range of subjects such as history, literature and art, customs, astronomy and calendrical science, they are an important part of the cultural heritage of the Naxi People.

As Dongba culture has been placed on UNESCO’s list of World Memory Heritage, souvenirs related to Dongba culture have now become hot items in the Lijiang area, which attracts an increasing number of visitors from both China and abroad every year.

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