Pain point, as a tourism destination, you  must care for these factors and how these factors affect your image.

Are you looking for an efficient way to “TELL” you all secrets about your target market? Here we go…

Why Juicertrip? Please take a look at our workflow, and the working model.

This is an Artificial Intelligence-driven mechanism that aggregates information from various open-sourced platforms.

We are presenting to you a clear, insightful, multi-division image of WHO your customers are and WHAT they LIKE or DISLIKE.

Our  travel industry background team, based on its 15 years expertise, will present you a customized, vivid, trackable and data-related report.

And the insightful and professional suggestion.

We are special and we aim differently from others.

Case study

-The oversea customers travel data analysis for Kunming, Yunnan, China

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(The most famous topics discussed topics amongst all travelers who have been to Kunming during the past 2017)

(The most popular restaurant in Kunming amongst the western visitors, with the graphic demo of the data processing)

(The most favorite shopping places and shopping products.

All data we collected has well proved the shopping habit of the western visitors concluded by the inbound travel agents)

(The most favorite activity and entertainment places in Kunming)

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