Seal-cutting is traditionally listed along with painting, calligraphy and poem making as one of the “four arts” expected of the accomplished scholar and a unique part of the Chinese cultural heritage. A seal stamp in red is not only the signature on a work of calligraphy or painting but an indispensable touch to liven it…

Let’s check those weird restaurants

 1 Nurse Restaurant, Latvia; 2 Air Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium; 3 Ninjia Restaurant, New York, USA; 4 Robot Restaurant, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China; 5 Geisha robot Restaurant, Japan; 6 Jail Restaurant, Jilin, China; 7 Waterfall Restaurant, Lv Songdao, Philippines; 8 Toilet Restaurant, Gaoxiong, Taiwan; 9 Roller Coaster Restaurant, Germany; 10 Ali Barbour Restaurant, Kenya Share your view

Secluded retreat of the World

1Hallstatt Austria 2 Schloss-Ort-Austria 3 Godafoss,Norway 4 Manitoba-Canada 5 Bagan-Burma. 6 Namib-Desert Namibia  7 Cape Town, South Africa 8 Lovatnet, Norway  9 Grindelwald-Switzerland  10 Village, Switzerland  11 Funes, Italy  12 Umbria. Italy  13 Hampshire, UK  14 Cumbria, UK  15 Rape flower, Yunyang, Yunnan, China Which is your favorite place?