Let’s check those weird restaurants

 1 Nurse Restaurant, Latvia; 2 Air Restaurant, Brussels, Belgium; 3 Ninjia Restaurant, New York, USA; 4 Robot Restaurant, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China; 5 Geisha robot Restaurant, Japan; 6 Jail Restaurant, Jilin, China; 7 Waterfall Restaurant, Lv Songdao, Philippines; 8 Toilet Restaurant, Gaoxiong, Taiwan; 9 Roller Coaster Restaurant, Germany; 10 Ali Barbour Restaurant, Kenya Share your view

Secluded retreat of the World

1Hallstatt Austria 2 Schloss-Ort-Austria 3 Godafoss,Norway 4 Manitoba-Canada 5 Bagan-Burma. 6 Namib-Desert Namibia  7 Cape Town, South Africa 8 Lovatnet, Norway  9 Grindelwald-Switzerland  10 Village, Switzerland  11 Funes, Italy  12 Umbria. Italy  13 Hampshire, UK  14 Cumbria, UK  15 Rape flower, Yunyang, Yunnan, China Which is your favorite place?        

Oops, is this true—The best & worst airport in Asia, North America and the world

Airport is not only the place the airplane takes off or lands, this is a precise business, all airports compete, and trying their best to be the gate to the world. —-  Donna McSherry, founder of sleepinginairports.com        Top 10 worst airports in Asia   1 Tribhuvan International Airport,Kathmandu, Nepal;(KTM) 2 Buick Sitashengan International…